4-Page Bi-fold Brochure

4-Page Bi-Fold Brochure Key Facts

Great for: small to medium company brochures, product/service marketing

Most popular sizes: 17" wide by 11" high folds to LTR size

Other sizes: landscape LTR folds to 5.5" wide by 8.5" high, other custom sizes.

Folding: folds once in the middle to form 4 pages.

Availability: very spread.

Printing in small runs (digital): yes, mid-range cost.

Printing in large runs (offset): yes, mid-range cost.

Target audience: mixed.

AKA: booklet, 4-page booklet.

4-Page Bi-Fold Brochure Samples

Anne Arundel Fire Protection
Anne Arundel Fire Protection

Fire Inspector Brochure, Home Inspector Brochure, Home Inspection Brochure

Preview First
Preview First

Real Estate Marketing Brochure


Financial Company Brochure, Corporate Brochure, Company Brochure

Athena Forum Institute
Athena Forum Institute

Employee Brochure, Education Brochure, Workforce Brochure

Leafwing Counseling Center
Leafwing Counseling Center

Vietnamese Brochure

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