Flyer / Insert

Flyer Key Facts

Great for: capability statements, product/service marketing, data or spec sheets, inserts (inside folders)

Most popular sizes: LTR.

Other sizes: half or third of a LTR (portrait or landscape), half or third of a LGL (portrait or landscape), other custom sizes.

Folding: none.

Availability: very spread.

Printing in small runs (digital): yes, low-cost, even on home/office printers.

Printing in large runs (offset): yes, low-cost.

Target audience: broad / massive.

AKA: pamphlet, leaflet, insert.*

*Some people also call "flyers" to small tri-fold or bi-fold brochures. However, for the sake of consistency, we prefer to call "flyers" to pieces without any fold.

Flyer Samples

AB Mark
AB Mark

Legal Services Flyer, Flyer In Spanish, Company Flyer,


Human Resources Flyer, Recruiting Company Flyer

Cooling Source
Cooling Source

GAL Manufacturing
GAL Manufacturing

Big Box Autopay
Big Box Autopay

Business Form

Unlimited revision phases


Single-sided flyer or insert, LTR-sized

$ 250

Double-sided flyer or insert, LTR-sized

$ 350

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